//Writers and energy

Writers and energy

What is it all great writers have in common? The thing that makes them stand out from the crowd, that gives their words potency and grabs our attention as readers?

The ability to construct a compelling narrative?┬áThe knack of putting the right words in the right order? The ability to craft a beautiful sentence or paragraph? Yes to all of these, but on a more basic level, it seems to me all the great writers I’ve met have had, behind their words and skill, a greater energy than the majority of their counterparts – restless energy, focused energy, boundless energy, it comes in all forms, but you can be guaranteed its there.

Perhaps that’s what allows them to do what the majority of fiction writers/ would be fiction writers are not able to – finish (arguably the single most important thing a writer can do?).

It’s easy to measure wordcount, much less so to measure the passion that drives the words or – in the words of one author I met recently – ‘the energy of the furnace in which they are forged’. When it’s just you and the blank page, it might be the one thing that matters.

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