DEAR (drop everything and… recommend)

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Of the secondary schools I've visited over the past few months, many have been talking about the (re)introduction of regular DEAR (drop everything and read) sessions with their students as part of developing their approaches to encouraging reading for pleasure. It's certainly nothing new (it's gone under a range of different acronyms over the years [...]

The useful book review…

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I remember being coerced into writing countless book reviews when I was in primary school; having to fill out the date, title, author, publisher, date published, a synopsis, my thoughts (and even worse, feelings) on the story, and some words I thought best described the book. And I hated doing it (I loved reading, but [...]

Why does World Book Day matter?

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Because collective action works – from within a school, it’s difficult to get a picture of what’s going on across the country on World Book Day, but even within the school walls, the message sent out by teachers, TAs, children and admin staff coming together to say books are important, is a hugely powerful one. [...]

Like father like daughter

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We pick up our reading habits from the behaviours of those around us - I'm always telling teachers this. So When I saw these snaps of my daughter from this afternoon, I laughed out loud. I'm not sure when she's seen us reading like this, but curled into the corner of the sofa with my [...]

Reading records (or showing we care…)

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This year we've overhauled our home/school reading records across the school. So what? The children are only going to lose them/ damage them/ deface them/ never use them (I've heard all of these sentiments from various people in the process of developing these booklets). Well, the so what is value. I'm convinced if we demonstrate [...]

Reading for pleasure – measuring the impact

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Okay, it's the end of the school year and time to put my money where my mouth is... A year ago, we started taking reading for pleasure seriously - we built a new library, overhauled the number and quality of books across the school and launched a range of initiatives to get children and staff [...]