Bushcraft and blogging

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Walking through a primary school in the North East earlier today I'm not looking at the work on display in the corridors or classrooms, I'm far too distracted by what's going on beyond the school walls. Immediately pointed out to me are the outdoor classroom spaces, the two kitchen gardens - which were used throughout [...]

50 book challenge

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Michael Gove has today said he wants children as young as 11 to read 50 books a year, and already on my Twitter feed - only a couple of hours after publishing - I've seen a backlash against the article in the Telegraph. How could he expect children to read that many books? How can [...]

“There is no experience in this life or the next… that is not of use to the writer”

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The title of this post, a quote from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s unparallelled autobiography, Living To Tell The Tale, is pretty central to my thoughts and feelings about writing and being a writer. It's a reminder to re-examine experiences afresh when short on inspiration, is the best of comforts in tough times and provides encouragement to [...]

What we love, others will love

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I didn't get to go and see Anthony Horowitz's speech Literacy: State of the nation last night and I didn't envy him the task: the speech he delivered was on behalf of the National Literacy Trust, which just days ago found out it was losing all of its funding from Government, and its proximity to [...]

Stocking up for a major campaign

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Tomorrow is World Book Day and I've had my head stuck so far inside - mainly academic - literacy papers the fact had almost entirely passed my by. So much so I plan to do two things tomorrow - the first is to read something purely for pleasure and the second, to pass a book [...]