Kickstarting a career

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Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet with the Times Ed. career expert, Professor John Howson who helped me get my thinking together about the roles I am applying for, the decisions I will have to make over the next few months and how to make the best of my skills and experience. I start [...]

Raising the bar

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One of the most worrying aspects of my teacher training was the readiness with which I saw many trainee teachers (and subsequently some experienced ones as well) would greet any old pseudo-scientific idea presented to them in the hope it would improve their children's learning (I believe Ben Goldacre wrote a rather wonderful chapter in [...]

Inspired by the Arts Award

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I am now officially a trained Arts Award advisor following a training session in Woking yesterday. And despite the prolific misuse of the word evidence as a verb, which should be the subject of a whole ranting post of its own, I managed to maintain composure, and it was a day that left me a [...]

Could you draw the internet?

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I remember my first encounter with the internet. It was at a friend's house. I was about 13, and the thought of this machine that was connected to thousands (ha, thousands...) of other machines scared me witless in all honesty. The only thing I knew about the internet was it could be a scary place, [...]