Question, connect, imagine, reflect (the best approach?)

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Frankly, I'm stuck for where to start - concepts such as education and learning are too vague, lofty and nebulous to explore from a cold start, and diving straight into the detail feels like I'd be picking at the seams (and there are too many loose threads at the moment to choose one to pick [...]

Some thoughts on the Government’s education whitepaper

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 It only seemed right, given the nature of my blog, that today I should take a look at the whitepaper on education on the day of both its publication, and on which thousands of students (my brother included - I hope you made your point loud and clear bro) have taken to the streets across [...]

Hares on the mountain

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OK, so an early departure from the teaching and learning theme, but my in among my listening today I stumbled across two folk gems hot off the press (or whatever the music equivalent is) in Hares on the mountain and Love Song from eva hipsey and tom horn. Nothing deep, just two rather lovely songs [...]

Back to the chalkface

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I originally thought about calling this blog 'Back to the chalkface' since my main reason for setting it up is I am considering a return to the noble, reviled, complex, frustrating, rewarding and fulfilling profession of teaching. However, on reflection, it seemed more interesting (and a little less worthy) to give it its current title. [...]